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American Jobs for America's Youth

Despite our country's polarized politics, almost all of us agree on one thing: Our kids must be able to find jobs upon completing their education. Because without meaningful work, how does a young person build a foundation of experience, self-respect, and the ability to raise and support a family?

Our Goal

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We propose that every graduate of high school—with at least a year of National Service, paid internship, apprenticeship or college and every graduate of two-year or four-year college/university, who is ready and able to work, shall be assured of a full-time job opportunity at a living wage.

As you will see in our Executive Summary and Full Report, AJAY is not proposing a new, large federal implementation bureaucracy, but a collaborative strategy that emphasizes local leadership and decision-making and expansion or replication of existing outstanding programs. In specific places all across America, local public agencies and non-profits, schools, labor unions, and businesses and churches are doing terrific, life-changing work. But as a nation, we have not adequately shared their stories and, as a team, brought these opportunities to all of America's youth.

To make AJAY a living reality we, the American people, need to step up to the plate: We need to talk to our family; neighbors and friends; our community; business and church leaders; and local, state, and federal officials. Get them fired up and on board! If you want to join the AJAY team, please write to us. Send us your name and address, phone and email address to AJAY4TheGood@gmail.com, or by filling out the form below. Together, we'll create the national energy and will needed to bring AJAY to life across our great nation, and do what's right of America's Youth!

To achieve our goal, our schools, colleges and universities, businesses, trade unions, faith-based and secular not-for-profits and, and most fundamentally, the American people, must rally to the cause. We have tremendous resources: knowledge, public and private institutions, finances, technology, professional expertise, terrific community-based programs, and the developed and natural landscape of the nation. And most important: We, the people of the United States.

American Jobs For America's Youth